ARS TECH specializes in the production of carbon fiber structural components and is the reference supplier for the top tier of motorsports and high-performance road cars (hypercars and supercars). ARS TECH’s production is entirely carried out at the Controguerra facility and is supported by continuous R&D activities, positioning it at the forefront of technology and making it a global center of excellence.

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Successful Businesses 2022: A.R.S. TECH Among the Excellence of Entrepreneurship and Made in Italy

On January 27, 2023, in Rome, the award ceremony for the roadshow “Successful Businesses” took place, a program conceived by Intesa Sanpaolo to celebrate Italian entrepreneurial excellences capable of successfully adapting to the continuous changes in the economic landscape. In this tenth stage of the roadshow, A.R.S. TECH was recognized and awarded, standing out among the 4,000 companies carefully selected by Intesa San Paolo and its partners.

The success of A.R.S. TECH in the Rome stage of the “Successful Businesses 2022” roadshow was determined by several key factors, including its ability to generate value through innovation, sustainability, investments in human capital, propensity and effectiveness in internationalization, as well as a strong connection with the local territory.
The event, hosted at the Maxxi Foundation, focused on sustainability and saw the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises from Lazio and Abruzzo.

During this fourth edition of the roadshow, various companies were awarded, including Bioalimenta, Soc. Ag. Rosarubra, and Soc. Ag. Torri Cantine in the Food and Agri-food sectors; Dromedian in the Technological sector; Ceramica Flaminia in the Furniture and Design sector; Intexo Soc. Benefit in the Health System; H25 Group in Tourism; Eleonora Bonucci in Fashion; and finally, A.R.S. Tech and D.B.N. Tubetti in the Mechanical sector.

The awarded companies had the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial stories during the event, illustrating the strategic choices that have contributed to consolidating their growth path, as well as the innovative actions developed in response to the current economic context.

A.R.S. TECH’s award is therefore a significant recognition of its leadership in the sector and its contribution to the development of Made in Italy.